Daniel Negreanu Trolls his Twitter Followers

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu made a short break from his really insane schedule to spark a Twitter discussion. The six-time bracelet winner recently announced a jam-packed WSOP on the site, with easily more than 50 events. It’s reasonable to believe Negreanu has been pushing just as hard as he always has. In July, he came close to winning his eighth WSOP bracelet with a third-place result. Nonetheless, he appears to be in excellent spirits and has found time for some lighthearted fun. He asked his Twitter followers how a now 58-year-old Michael Jordan would do in today’s NBA in a poll.

If you aren’t a major NBA fan, you could think this was a real question from the online poker legend. Greater basketball brains than mine have determined that this was definitely a ruse by Negreanu to elicit a reaction from some of his more vociferous supporters.

The fact that he put a caveat to the query, allowing Jordan to practice for two weeks, was the first clue that the post may be a troll. It’s been speculated that Negreanu was joking about when he said he could defeat $25/$50 online poker with two weeks of practice. The fact that the lowest choice on the list was 20 points was the next “clue.” If you were to ask a retired 58-year-old how many points he would average in a season, you’d definitely come up with a number far lower than this.    

A sizable section of his fan base took the message at face value, quickly pointing out the inconsistencies in Negreanu’s query.

“Yeah. Even at the age of 58, 20 is the minimum, but with the game being so easy now, 40 is more reasonable.”

He was having a good time with the joke and was bent on fanning the flames even more with responses like these. With 795 comments, 410 retweets, and 167 likes, the poll garnered a lot of attention. Furthermore, 29,927 individuals participated in the poll, with 67 percent selecting the lowest score of 20 points. A little more than 12% selected 40 points.The reactions Negreanu elicited were undoubtedly interesting. There’s nothing the internet likes more than a good trolling session. In a following tweet, the World Poker Tour champion congratulated himself smugly but sincerely on a job well done.

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