Daniel Negreanu vs. Fake Vax Card Holder

Daniel Negreanu rang in the New Year with a tweet promising to answer any question for $10,000, a reference to the $10,000 lie detector freeroll he promised Tim Reilly. 

Negreanu joined the current Twitter debate over whether Tim Reilly used a false vaccination card during the 2017 World Series of Poker, a claim Reilly — a strong anti-vaccine mandate opponent – disputes. 

Nicholas ‘NickyP’ Palma, a notorious poker scoundrel, had accused Reilly of being one of a group of players who reportedly bribed a CVS staffer to falsify their vaccination on the system in order to obtain a ‘valid’ vaccination card. 

“…@timreillypoker was never vaccinated and utilized a bogus vax card to play wsop this year,” Palma said on Twitter. It’s not fair to the rest of us who were vaccinated.” 

Then ‘Jeopardy’ star and poker pro Alex Jacob into the fray, chastising Reilly for his tweets and claims being timed incorrectly. 

 “So @TimReillyPoker texted me a video of him getting his vax card out. It’s dated 9/12/21, which contradicts his thread from 10/7/21 about not being able to play since he’s not vaxed. Either the thread is a complete fabrication or the card is a forgery.” 

When Dneg offered him a $10,000 lie detector, Reilly said he’d “take one for free,” but only if Negreanu would answer one question, which got the GGPoker ambassador extremely excited. 

“Get ready to fire!” “I’m not homosexual, I have a huge penis, and I’ve never been in a glory hole position,” Negreanu explained, before adding, “I’m not terrified!” ” 

Some may find this to be too much information, but as Negreanu put it, “one of the joys of having money is that I can throw $10,000 at anything to call a bullshitter on bullshit.” 

However, with anti-vaxxers compared themselves to Rosa Parks and Colin Kaepernick, Alex Jacob conducted a Twitter poll to determine how much support Alex Foxen had among Jacob’s followers. As of now, the only money that seems to have changed hands amongst all of the gambling Twitter fussing and fighting is the $100 per phony vaccine that the CVS staffer is said to have gotten. 

It remains to be seen whether Reilly will take a chance and accept Negreanu’s $10,000 “freeroll.” 


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