Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme & Brad Owen’s Major Announcement

As part of a group participating in the famous Lodge Poker Club in Austin, three well-known poker pros are entering the ever-growing Texas poker market. 

Doug Polk is collaborating with vloggers Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen to open the Lodge Poker Club, dubbed the “Lodge Mahal,” in Central Texas. 

The laws in Texas differ from those in most other states, making it a unique poker destination. Because it would be illegal to accept rake on individual pots, the card rooms function as membership clubs, charging monthly membership fees and/or daily/hourly seat costs. 

Polk, who has officially come out of retirement from poker for the eighth time, has mentioned the possibility of building a room in Texas in the future. In a short YouTube video, the Upswing Poker creator unveiled his new business initiative. 

In the video, he explains that when he relocated to Austin from Las Vegas in 2021, he had no idea how popular poker was in the state. He grew interested in creating his own club after visiting various card rooms and witnessing how popular the game has grown in Texas. 

Finally, as he indicated in the video, he calculated that building a room from the ground up would take up to 18 months. As a result, he decided to invest in a pre-existing room. 

The three of poker pros aren’t the only well-known names that have entered the Texas poker scene. Johnny Chan, who recently sold his Houston-based 88 Social Poker Club, was dealing with financial difficulties and a disagreement with his co-owner. 

The most popular poker vloggers are Owen and Neeme. Polk has joined the tag team duo as a third member of the crew. Polk stated that he will play twice a week at his new card facility in Austin. The Lodge is Central Texas’ largest poker club, with 60 card tables in operation. 


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