GG Twitch Squad’s Kevin Martin at Third Place on $400 COLOSSUS Tournament

The WSOPC Series, which is now taking place, contributed to some enormous prizes being handed at GGPoker this weekend. Kevin Martin, a player of the GG Twitch Team, came close to winning a WSOP Circuit ring, but he came away with $207,178 to make up for his loss. 

Martin was one of 9,624 participants that joined the $400 COLOSSUS tournament, which had a prize pool of $3,618,624! For their efforts, the top 1,000 finishers received at least $1,004, while the least each of the nine finalists could earn was $36,842. 

When Hannes Speiser of Austria finished ninth in the competition, he was awarded that sum. The player count was further lowered when Dutch grinder “Borpal” was eliminated in eighth place for $49,129, followed by Nick Maimone’s elimination in seventh place for $65,515. Austria’s “chernis” took sixth place and $87,366, the tournament’s final five-figure prize, before Aliaksei Boika busted in fifth for $116,505. 

The battle for the circuit ring and the massive $368,421 top prize had officially begun. Luis “CfOrTh3G0ldB” Dono came in fourth position in the race. After dodiapa and “O O L” faltered at the final hurdle, O O L took home the top prize of $368,421. Kevin Martin’s historic deep run came to an end at this moment, with a third-place finish and a score of $207,178, an almost ideal early Christmas present. 

Jason Koon of Team GG was the first player to cash in, taking home $67,489 after finishing eighth. The next to fall was David Yan of New Zealand, who took home a $86,946 reward. Fox won the top prize of $397,516 after defeating his last opponent, relegating Gottlieb to a $308,559 consolation award. Sixty-two submissions resulted in a $1,550,000 prize pool, with just eight players taking home a piece of it. 


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