Interview about Dan Bilzerian’s Wealth

 Dan Bilzerian was a guest on Doug Polk’s podcast on Wednesday afternoon, and the discussion was tense at times, especially when the Upswing Poker creator grilled the Instagram celebrity about how he got his money. 

The amount of money Bilzerian has amassed has long been a point of contention. The GGPoker ambassador says that he didn’t get a family trust from his father, Paul Bilzerian, until he was 35 years old, years after he had earned considerable wealth. He continues to claim that the millions he’s amassed came through poker, but Polk doesn’t seem to believe him. 

Paul Bilzerian is a rich former corporate control specialist who was imprisoned for financial crimes in the 1980s. He owed the government millions of dollars when he was released, money that has never been recovered. Many people believe the money was provided to his kid, although Dan Bilzerian disputes it. 

Polk and Bilzerian go on and on on this issue in the two-hour interview, which you can watch on YouTube.  Prior Polk YouTube postings infuriated Bilzerian, in which the three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner implied that Bilzerian’s income was derived from a trust fund or money passed down from his father. 

The major topic of debate was Bilzerian’s acquisition of money. He claimed to have made $400,000 on Bodog a month ago, but it is a long cry from the millions he has amassed over the years. Polk persisted in pressing the subject, asking him to show proof of his online poker accomplishment several times. Is it true that he made his money playing poker? 

Polk acknowledged that the social media playboy most certainly gained millions through poker, but he questioned Bilzerian’s starting bankroll. Bilzerian was eager to play Gores in October, claiming to have won over $40 million against him. 


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