Johnny Chan is No Longer the Owner of the Houston Poker Room, Which has been Renamed 101 Poker Club

Johnny Chan’s stint as a part-owner of a Texas poker facility was temporary. A new owner has bought the establishment. It was bought three weeks after it unexpectedly shuttered its doors. It’s name is now the 101 Poker Club. Johnny Chan’s 88 Social poker club collapsed in early December. A lot of players still had chips to pay in after that. Sanjeev Vora, the new owner, shared to PokerNews that he has a strategy in place. It was to ensure that money are able to support all chips, whether in lockboxes or somewhere else. 

Texas poker rooms operate differently than other brick-and-mortar casinos due to state rules. The rooms operate as clubs. Charging monthly membership and/or daily seat fees, rather than accepting rake. Accepting rake would be unlawful in the state. Most poker clubs such as the room once known as Johnny Chan’s 88 Social, are located in strip malls or business centers. Better than being tied to a hotel and within a complete casino. Texas politicians may possibly try to shut down the card rooms. Just as Vora noted, but he stays positive and knows the risk.

Vora, the CEO of Chemium International Corp, a petrochemical business, has worked in the energy field for 35 years. “There is less energy among politicians to shut this thing down, and more enthusiasm to make it work.”. He shared. He recently decided to make a side investment in a firm linked to a game he enjoys. 

The firm part-owned by the poker legend in the past, is currently undergoing major renovations. The 101 Poker Club in Katy, Texas is undergoing extensive renovations. Vora is the only proprietor of the poker club. He has partnered with the 101 brands to promote it. The new owner of Houston’s 101 Poker Club intends to organize “some of Houston’s largest events ever.”. He takes pleasure in being polite and welcoming at the table. He also never criticizes his opponents. Vora hopes to manage a successful business. Chan’s room was likely thriving until a misunderstanding amongst co-owners. 


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