Major Titles for Ali Imsirovic

Because the Player of the Year honors for the two major publications, CardPlayer Magazine and the Global Poker Index, are going to the same player, they might be combined into one prize this year. Ali Imsirovic went away with both of the main Player of the Year awards, one in an overwhelming fashion, after dominating the “High Roller” circuit for the final half of 2021. 

It would be an understatement to say Imsirovic dominated the CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year competition. S. Imsirovic won 14 tournament poker championships in 2021, seven more than the runner-up, France’s Michael Moutarde, and eight more than Australia’s Michael Addamo and the United States’ Fernando Rodriguez-Vazquez and Kao Saechao. Although Addamo’s wins of $9.1 million outperformed his, Imsirovic’s $5.9 million in profits was impressive in and of itself. 

CardPlayer POY point computations: Imsirovic piled up 8058 points with his performance at the tournament tables in 2021, absolutely destroying the opposition, and those 14 championships came into play in the CardPlayer POY point computations. Qing Liu, who finished second in the World Poker Tour and had numerous other strong finishes, was his closest competitor, with 5080 points. Sean Perry, another part of the “High Roller” gang, barely kept up with Liu’s work at the World Series of Poker. 

The highest-ranking female on the list – basically the CardPlayer Magazine Female Player of the Year – went to Kyna England, who also ended up in 40th place overall in the CardPlayer rankings. When it came to the girls’ race, her 2848 points dominated the field, beating out male competitors including Jason Koon and Sergio Aido. 

Alex Imsirovic was named Player of the Year for the Global Poker Index in 2021. Opportunity Kornuth had a chance to defeat him, but he fell short. The Top Five is rounded out by a few unexpected names. According to the GPI POY, Shannon Shorr is your third best player for 2021. 


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