Pascal Hartmann Leading Super MILLIONS

The first Super MILLION$ final table of 2022 is set to begin at 6:00 p.m., with nine superstars returning to GGPoker. GMT on January 4 to compete for the top prize of $485,234 When play restarts, Pascal Hartmann will be the man to beat, but the chase pack is loaded with talent, including GGPoker ambassador Jason Koon. 

Hartmann took home $454,908 after winning this tournament nearly exactly a year ago. He now has a chance to earn even more money. Hartmann earned his $10,300 seat through a $1,500 satellite, ensuring a large return on his investment. Hartmann finished fourth the previous time he reached the Super MILLON$ final table. Hartmann’s stack of 6,658,477 chips (111 large blinds) implies he’ll go further this time. 

Christian Rudolph has reached the final table of the Super MILLION$ for the sixth time and is looking for his sixth triumph. Rudolph has won nearly every major poker tournament, and you can bet he’ll give it his best to win this one as well. Rudolph is in second place in chips with a stack of 4,674,857. 

Jakob “lechayim” Miegel is in third position at the restart with 3,137,336 (52.3 big blinds). The Austrian has converted his $800 satellite registration into at least $60,654, which is a good return, especially since this is Miegel’s first time cashing in this tournament after eight tries. Miegel has more than $2.3 million in GGPoker wins; will he have an additional $485,234 by the time the final table closes. 

Another player who earned their Super MILLION$ place via a $800 buy-in satellite is Russian grinder “spaise411.” The $800 has grown to 3,033,659 chips (50.1 big blinds). Spaide411, who only made $27,478 in Season 2, has had a tough time. The Russian might end up in fifth place at the final table. When he plays, the man who recently won his first WSOP bracelet seldom puts a foot wrong. 

Markku Koplimaa, a Finnish pro, has to finish sixth or better tonight to earn $122,994. Roland “Gwriden” Rokita has 1,252,461 chips (20.9 big blinds) in the Super MILLION$ final table, which is his first. Mark Radoja, a two-time WSOP bracelet winner, has the second-smallest stack heading into the final table. 


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