Sean Perry with an incredible comeback to win PokerGO Cup Event #2

Event #2 Final Table chip count:

Scott Ball 3,290,000

Bryn Kenney 2,130,000

Cary Katz 1,400,000

Sean Perry 1,180,000

Dan Shak 1,010,000

Darren Elias 995,000


1st $200,000

2nd $144,000

3rd $96,000

4th $80,000

5th $64,000

6th $48,000

Sean Perry started 4th in the chip count. Here are some of his major hands to win the entire tournament.

Shak open shoved AQs against Perry’s AKo in the Big Blind with a 2,160,000 pot.
Board came 37842 busting Shak.

With 4 people remaining, Kenney with AKo raise 160k and Perry with AQs in the Big Blind 3bet shoved.
Snap call by Kenney, Flop was a K83, Turn is an Ace making Perry drawing dead and leaving him with only 235k chips(3 BB)

Start of the comeback

Blind vs Blind
Perry with QJo against Kenney’s 86o. Board came K77A2 giving Perry 550,000(6BB)

Kenney opens with J5o and Perry with King high shoves his remaining 6bb
He flopped a king but the turn gave Kenney a flush draw and a straight draw but the river didn’t help Kenney
Board: A3K26
Another double up for him giving him 1,060,000(13BB)

Perry opens with A9s and Perry in the SB with AKs shoved his remaining stack again.
They both had a piece of the flop. 69K rainbow but the turn and river didn’t help Ball doubling up Perry again
He now has 2,280,000 chips.

Blind vs Blind
Perry with 1,655,000 chips or almost 20BB.He shoved with T2o.Kenney,the chip leader called with K5o.
3,390,000 pot. Even if Kenney lose this, he is still the chip leader, but if Perry wins this, he will be close to Kenney’s chips
Flop is a 234 giving Perry a pair but giving Kenney an open ended straight draw
Turn is a Q, doesn’t help Kenney and the River is another 4. Perry wins the pot.

3 people remaining (50k/100k)
Perry with 66 in the BTN raises 200k and Kenney with QJ shoves 2.7m(27BB) and a snap call from Perry
Flop is an 863 rainbow giving him a set leaving Kenney with only 2% chance of winning with a runner runner straight
Turn is a King making Kenney drawing dead and it’s a heads up against Perry and Katz

Last hand
Perry with K3s against Katz AKo
Flop is 52K with 2 hearts giving Perry the flush draw. Turn is a Jack but the River came 3 of clubs giving him 2 pair and winning the entire tournament



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