Some of The Richest Poker Player

This Finnish player, a prodigy of poker specialist Marcel Lüske, has had some amazing achievements in his poker career. Antonious has won a European Poker Tour championship, and while he has yet to win a World Poker Tour title, he has had a lot of success playing online poker. The Big Game and Bellagio regular is widely regarded as one of the most successful online players of all time, having won the largest online poker prize of all time in 2009. He took home $1,356,946 after defeating Viktor Blom. His overall earnings throughout the course of his career are estimated to be approximately $11 million. 

A former professional magician at number 9 on our list, who went on to win two World Poker Tour titles and three World Series of Poker bracelets. In 2004, the Persian-born player won his first large cash prize of roughly 1.4 million dollars, which he received for winning his first WPT title at the L.A. Poker Classic. With an all out vocation profit of more than $27 million and a top money grant of around $18 million, most would agree this previous performer has a couple of stunts at his disposal. 

Antanas Guoga, a politician, philanthropist, and entrepreneur from Lithuania, has a remarkable net worth of about 36 million dollars. Granted, poker winnings do not account for the entirety of his earnings. With achievements like a fifth-place finish at the WPT Grand Prix de Paris in 2003, a second-place finish at the Intercontinental Poker Championship in 2006, and a first-place finish at the Asian Poker Tour later that year, it’s safe to say he’s earned some really sizable cash prizes. In 2018, he won about $400,000 when playing €100,000 No Limit Hold’em at the WSOP Europe. 

This high roller from the United States used to be a big admirer of the fantasy card game Magic the Gathering. Bonomo amassed an incredible number of chips in a wide range of tournaments after he switched his attention to the cards more usually found in a casino. The three-time Super Best Roller Bowl champion has numerous cash winnings exceeding $4 million and a career high win of $10 million, making him the all-time second-highest-earning live poker player. His total earnings are estimated to be in excess of $55 million throughout the course of his career. 

One of the most enriched and conspicuous poker players in the world. The Canadian conceived Negreanu is the third-most elevated procuring live poker player ever and has in his possession 6 WSOP arm bands and 2 WPT titles. Negreanu has a decent contention for being one of the GOATs of poker, and his income surely mirror this. His most noteworthy money of $8.2 million was acquired at 2014 WSOP where he set second. His WSOP income alone top $18 million and his all out profession profit a staggering $42 million. 

No ifs, ands or buts the most notable and questionable figure on the rundown, Dan Bilzerian has regularly been in the public eye for parading his luxurious way of life on different online media stages, dominatingly Instagram. Bilzerian has pulled many stunning tricks, for example, kicking a model in the face in a dance club in Miami and endeavoring to “chivalrously” enter the location of the heartbreaking 2017 Las Vegas club shooting outfitted. Notwithstanding his total assets totalling a noteworthy $200 million, his absolute authority poker income sit at just $36,000. The fly ski riding playboy would likely have you accept he acquired the greater part of his fortune through poker. While it is valid he has likely made a considerable measure playing private games-his actual pass to easy street came as a multi million dollar legacy passed on to him by his dad, Paul Bilzerian. Still his colossal fortune in fact makes him the world’s most extravagant player, and awards him the number 1 spot on our rundown. 


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