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If you’ve spent any time in the online poker realm, you’ve probably heard about the many methods that individuals claim are used to cheat (rightfully or wrongly). One of the top pros in the game is the last guy you’d expect to bring claims of wrongdoing. But that is exactly what German poker champion Fedor Holz is doing in one of the World Poker Tour’s major online tournaments. 

A €1000 event was on the program, and it reached the final table soon before Christmas. Holz used his Twitter account on Christmas Day to criticize the play of two players at the final table, “Seijistar” and “Selouan.”

With an off-suit A-9, “Seijistar,” min-raised from under the gun, and “Selouan,” on the button of the four remaining players, pushed it all in for only seven large blinds. Before reaching “Seijistar” with his A-J off-suit, the action folded through the blinds. The live feed then recorded “Seijistar” folding his hand rather than calling his opponent, who theoretically would have moved in with any two cards at this stage of the event. 

But, almost as fast as he leveled his charge, Holz clarified that it did not “automatically” imply that the two were cheating. Holz tweeted. “Knowing that they share activity, I believe it’s a pretty suspicious position,” Holz tweeted. He also stated that any player in such a position would make the decision to knock out an opponent—or, if he were on the same side as the all-in player, let the opponent stay in. 

Cheating at the virtual table has long been a problem in online poker. In the early days, online poker sites were not as sophisticated in their anti-cheating measures. In a competition, players would use one IP address to operate many accounts. The “cheating” (in quotation quotes because it technically did not violate the internet service’s terms and conditions) subsequently moved on to other tactics. 

According to 888Poker, the situation is being investigated. In response to Holz’s Twitter thread, 888Poker declared, “Any sort of collusion is a plain violation of our user agreement.” Meanwhile, Brazilian players are angry with Fedor Holz for making the charges based on a circumstance that, as he acknowledges, might have a variety of reasons. 


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