WPT Online Borgata Open Winner; Orson Young

WPT Online Borgata

The World Poker Tour has been working hard to provide live tournament poker in the aftermath of the pandemic. And it has, even if a new season has begun. Season XIX premiered online in May before traveling to Tampa, Las Vegas, and Choctaw, Oklahoma. Then, after another spike of Covid-19, this time in the new Delta form, several locations on the main circuit had to postpone their WPT events. The WPT bestbet Scramble, which was slated for late August, had to be postponed and has yet to be rescheduled, as did the WPT Maryland at Live! Casino, which was scheduled for September. The World Poker Tour, undeterred, concentrated aggressively on its WPT World Online Championships on partypoker, which just finished its huge series. 

The WPT Online Borgata Poker Open was created for poker players in the United States by the WPT and fan-favorite live poker partner Borgata in Atlantic City. The action will take place in New Jersey on the partypoker US Network in September. The field was whittled down to just 88 participants on the opening day of competition. While “FitzroidPoo” took the top, followed by Yong “IReadYrSoul” Kwon, other players stood out at the bottom of the list. Katie “KatieStone” Stone completed the day with only 12 large blinds, while Darren Elias had 26. Dan “leinad” Buzgon was in the center with 31BB, while Orson “Borgatcha” Young was the last player standing with only 23BB. 

On Day 2, as the money bubble burst, well-known figures like Alex Rocha and Soheb Porbandarwala cashed in. Kwon finished 20th for $9,850, Frank Funaro finished 15th for $11,820, and “SLHalper13” broke in ninth place to bubble the final table but pocketed $17,730 for his efforts. 

Buzgon had a commanding lead going into the final table’s first break, with Young behind with 49.6 million chips. At the break, former chip leader “FitzroidPoo” was in third place with 45.2M, while “justliberto” had eliminated sixth-place finisher “CNC LY.” On a K-7-2-4-J board, Young put his opponent to the test and won the heads-up match by calling with K-9.

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